What Should Be Our First Christmas Song?

The Salvation Army and WNIC want to know ...which song should kick-off the Christmas season? Cast your vote below AND ... help change lives this holiday season by volunteering at a Salvation Army red kettle . . . Find a volunteering site here.

  • The Salvation Army needs volunteer bell ringers for 500 Detroit area storefront red kettles this season.
  • Bell ringers can be any age, even young kids with a parent.
  • People can volunteer by themselves or as a group and can choose a date, time and location in their own community.
  • Red Kettle volunteers rang for 9,000 plus hours last year and the community’s needs are greater this year.
  • The Salvation Army is looking to man kettles 12 hours a day, six days a week for six weeks this holiday season – that’s a lot of hours!
  • The money The Salvation Army collects every year through kettles is about 22 percent of the total it raises. With an overall 2016 campaign goal of $8.4 million, that’s a goal of nearly $2.2 million The Salvation Army is looking to collect in kettles alone!
  • Anytime a kettle is without a bell ringer, The Salvation Army misses out on donations that will help people in the coming year.
  • Volunteer as a red kettle bell ringer today at ringbell.org or call 877-SAL-MICH.​