Despite a driving record that included numerous points for moving violations and a move by the state to suspend his license, Ariel Castro drove a school bus for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for over 20 years, before being fired in November 2012.

Records show Castro had numerous encounters with local police while driving, from illegal parking in July 1995 to failing to obey a traffic device in January 2001.

The infractions pose yet another question as to how Castro was able to carry on his life in a most average of fashions even as he allegedly held three women against their will in his modest four-bedroom, one-bath home on Cleveland’s west side.

Though the relatively minor infractions on their own were not a cause for further investigation under ordinary circumstances, they do show Castro's struggle to perform a task—driving—that provided him his primary source of income.

Castro, 52, was arrested Monday along with his brothers, Onil Castro, 50, and Pedro Castro, 54, in connection with the kidnapping and imprisonment of three local women who have been missing for up to ten years. They have not yet been charged. 

Ariel Castro was hired by the Cleveland school district in February 1991, according to records released by the district Tuesday. He was fired on November 6, 2012 after leaving his bus unattended at a local school and walking home.

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