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Hi, I 'm Jay Towers and we put together a program called “Jay's Juniors” to give kids with chronic and terminal illnesses a few moments of happiness this holiday season. We will be loading up kids and their families on a plane and taking them with us to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida for a 5 day, 4 night family vacation December 4th-December 8th. This program is super important to me, as we believe that our little ones are so important. 

If you have a child with a chronic or terminal illness (or know of a child that needs a brighter holiday this season), we want to hear from you. 

Our application is available to download. Deadline to apply will be October 23rd at 11:59pm

 Here are the requirements:

• The child would need to be 3-17 years old (at the time of the trip)

• The child would need to be diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, a physical challenge or have had a catastrophic impairment from an accident or birth defect

• The child must reside in the WNIC listening area

• Financial need must exist

Jay's Juniors FAQ's

How long as Jay's Juniors been around?

  • Jay's Juniors was formed in 2014 by morning radio show host Jay Towers

 How do I nominate a child for Jay's Juniors?

  • Jay's Juniors has an application period that starts in August and runs through October.  To download an application or be added to our email list to receive an application please click here.  All applications must submit and complete the application, include a birth certificate or shot record to verify the child's age, and the first two pages of the prior year's tax return. 

 What are the eligibility requirements for Jay's Juniors?

  • The nominated child must be age 3-17 (at the time of the trip)
  • Be diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, an impairment from a birth defect or physical challenge.
  • Must reside in the WNIC listening area
  • Show a financial need (otherwise unable to afford the trip)

If my child is selected, what family members are invited to attend?

  • Siblings (between the ages of 3-18) and legal guardians that reside in the home in which the child lives will be invited on the trip.

My family has already been on a Jay's Juniors Trip.  Can I apply again?

  • No, a family may only go on one Jay's Junior's trip.

 Where does the support for Jay's Juniors come from?

I didn't file taxes last year.  What can I submit instead of a tax return?

  • If you did not file taxes and currently receive disability payments through Social Security, you may provide a copy of your Social Security aware letter in place of a tax return.

 Can I nominate a child/family without them knowing as a surprise?

  • The application requires extensive and confidential information about the child's illness, so a parent or legal guardian MUST be the person to submit the application.  If you know a deserving family we encourage you to send an application to them.

 My child has received a wish through another wish-granting organization.  Is my child still eligible for Jay's Juniors?

  • Yes, your child is still eligible to receive a trip to Walt Disney World.

Back in Detroit and ahead of the snow! Jay's Juniors 2016 was AMAZING! Amazing Kids and Wonderful families.

Posted by Jay Towers on Sunday, December 11, 2016
Jay's Juniors 2017

Meet Jay's Juniors!

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