9 Signs You're Dating The One

Relationships take lots of effort, especially once “the honeymoon phase” is over. Reality steps in and you start to see the other person for their true self. But how do you know whether to stick it out, or if you should run? “The Independent” spoke with several relationship experts to learn what the signs are that the person you are dating is perfect for you.

  1. You can meet in the middle. The way you get to that compromise is important, too, so note whether or not it’s easy to get there.
  2. They make you feel good about yourself and want you to feel happy and not doubt yourself.
  3. They will be a good listener.
  4. You have similar core values and are going in the same life direction.
  5. You have healthy discussions when you disagree.
  6. You aren’t afraid to tell them what’s on your mind.
  7. They offer you their undivided attention.
  8. Your friends and family love them.
  9. They do little things for you. It’s the small things that mean the most!


Photo: Getty Images

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