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DAY 2: We had a great day and great weather!  We rented bikes and rode to Arch Rock.  There we discovered just how out of shape we are.  FIFTEEN STORIES of stairs later, we reached the top.  It was worth it.  Arch Rock is amazing to see with our own eyes... the pictures are pretty amazing too.  We made our way back down and headed to The Pink Pony for lunch, then we walked around the island up to the Grand Hotel and got ice cream!  After that, we may have napped.  lol.  We had dinner at Goodfellows where Jay and Albert had questionable prime rib and then made our way back around to the Statue of Liberty... yes, Mackinac Island has their own Statue of Liberty.  After that, we headed back to the Island House for more beauty sleep.  It was such a fun and relaxing day!  Check out the new pics:

 Here's our travel video as we headed to Mackinac Island: