The "Bachelorette" finale went down last night, with ANDI DORFMAN accepting a "proposal" from former baseball player JOSH MURRAY. As usual, they'll pretend to like each other for at least a few more weeks, before breaking up for good.

But that's by far not the most interesting thing that happened. The big news comes from the live "After the Final Rose" special, in which the guy Andi DIDN'T pick, NICK VIALL, confronted her for SLEEPING WITH HIM during the show.

Viall was obviously still feeling the BITTER STING OF REJECTION . . . or at least the reality TV version of same. But Andi told him he would find love again, and that he deserved someone who would reciprocate his feelings 100%. She also told him that she was never in love with him.

That's when he lowered the boom. He said, quote, "If you weren't in love with me, I'm just not sure why, like, why you made love with me."

It was a totally uncomfortable moment, and Andi was NOT happy that he brought it up. She called it, quote, "kinda below the belt," adding that was something that should have remained PRIVATE.  She added that everything that went on between them was real for her, but his take on the events might have been different.

Was Nick justified in his statements?  How do you think Josh feels about this?

Source: US Weekly