’s 10 Things Every Bride Forgets to Do Right Before Her Wedding:

10. Carry a handkerchief down the aisle. You might swear now that you won’t tear up during the ceremony, but just in case bring one so your mascara doesn’t run. 

9. Assign someone to gift duty. The job: Collecting your gifts and taking them home for you to open the next morning (if you are hosting a farewell brunch) or upon return from the honeymoon

8. Pack a wedding day supplies box: Fill it with all of the things you have purchased for the wedding. This includes table numbers, candles, cake knife and server set, toasting flutes, signage... everything. 

7. Bring the entire invitation ensemble: So the photographer can take a picture of it, of course.

6. Bring the marriage license.

5. Prepare tip envelopes with cash.

4. Shape your eyebrows

3. Touch up lipstick

2. Eat

1. Use the bathroom 




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