How to find the best bargains at garage sales


It's garage sale season! Time to dig through a bunch of junk somebody was seconds from throwing away. Here's how to garage shop like a pro.


  • Start on Craigslist. Make a plan of action, a route, so you can cover more sales in a shorter amount of time. Stick to subdivision garage sales.

  • Start early. You'll get the best stuff early in the morning for obvious reasons. There are advantages from hitting the sales late in the day when sellers just want to get rid of what's left and will slash prices

  • Wear the right clothes. Don't show up disheveled, but don't wear your Sunday best.

  • Talk to the seller. Talk about buying a bunch of items in bulk. The seller will probably work out a better deal that way.

  • Best things to guy at a garage sale. Scrapbooking materials and holiday decorations.


Of course, that's coming from a woman's point of view. For men, it's Craftsmen Tools, TV's, lawn equipment, vintage held held video games (I'm looking at you, Coleco Handheld Football!).


Speaking of garage sales, here are 15 things, according to, you should get rid of once you turn 30


  1. Your futon.

  2. Temporary furniture

  3. TV stands

  4. Art or posters taped to the wall without a frame

  5. Florescent floor lamps

  6. Bare wood floors and postage stamp size area rugs

  7. Cheap bedding

  8. An unmade bed

  9. Plastic dishware and serving pieces (personal: until you have kids, and then you bring it back!)

  10. Kitchy picture frames

  11. Accent walls

  12. Collection of shot glasses from your spring break trips on display

  13. An empty fireplace mantel or bookshelf

  14. Fake plants or trees

  15. The pillows sold with the sofa