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Pain In My Pinata

Pain In My Pinata
Posted August 19th, 2013 @ 7:34am


Ever try a craft project only to discover is was WAY MORE INVOLVED than you thought? My sister decided to make pinatas for the kids for our upcoming family reunion. She thought it would be a make one day / decorate the next kind of thing. I told her I'd help out and finish them when the project became way more than a simple couple hour project. I have been making pinatas ALL WEEK.  Waiting for the flour and water to dry, painting them was a pain (till I switched to spray paint lol), and I had glue everywhere.

Every try to DIY and find out the project was a pain in your "pinata?" What was the project? Please share!

I'd love to know what else to stay away from... haha!

If you're hardy crafting folk and want to try out making your own pinata after my ringing endorsement, you can get started here: DO IT YOURSELF PINATA  The site has easy to follow instructions and cute ideas... but it will be time consuming and messy. JS.

BTW, having ripped the pinata project, the kids LOVED the pinatas... which made it totally worth the labor and glue encrusted hands.  They went nuts for the Mike Wizowski, Monsters INC pinata!

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