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Scavenger Hunt on Water: Pure Michigan

Scavenger Hunt on Water: Pure Michigan
Posted August 24th, 2014 @ 3:27pm

So Wilson, my next door neighbor, invited us to a Scavenger hunt on the lake.  My husband, Frank, and I decided to go.  No one on our team had done the scavenger hunt before and we were poorly prepared. lol... EVERY OTHER TEAM had a boat done up in a movie theme (which was also the theme of the scavenger hunt).  I can't imagine how much time was spent putting this together.  We had a BLAST!


<---Here's JAWS complete with a giant bucket of popcorn!


AHOY YE MATEY!  Here's the crew from "Pirates of the Caribbean."  The front gun shot chunks of foam!

TOY STORY!  They had people dressed up a space aliens, green army men, Buzz Lightyear and Little Bopeep's sheep!

PLANET OF THE APES!  I didn't get a picture of their boat, but they were definitely decked out... apes and guns... and sunglasses on the ape's head.  What?

Frank and I had to leave before they announced the winner, but Wilson told me they kept asking, "Who was in Boat 2?"  Wilson wouldn't answer because he was worried that if we came in first or last place, we might get tapped to plan out next year's scavenger hunt.  The organizer even came up directly to Wilson and asked him if he was in boat 2 and Wilson said, "I honestly don't know."  I found this hilarious because Wilson was lying... honestly.  I never did find out why they were looking for Boat 2. lol

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