A NOTE FROM DONI: First off, let me say that all the offices we visited were tremendous!  We had a great time delivering our Kroger treats to everyone. CLICK HERE for a bunch more pictures. For everyone we didn't get to, our apologies.  We here, at Jay Towers In The Morning, truly appreciate all the wonderful requests that we got asking us to come see you on Valentine's Day. We would have loved to have seen you too, but as it was, we had a very full day. Please know that where ever you were, we were with you in spirit.

Here are some excerpts from our adventures at a few of the offices where we  made deliveries:



Nancy came out yelling like she’d just won the Ford Fusion we gave away at Christmas from Jorgensen Ford. To say that Nancy was excited to see Jay, would be an understatement like no other. I mean full on, "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" with her hands thrown up in the air Oprah-style.

I LOVED NANCY… and I always will. xoxox


I thought Kelly’s fiancé was the one who contacted us as a surprise for her. I also thought that Kelly’s fiancé was the guy who was guiding us to Kelly’s office (he looked to be about 25 years old)… except that he wasn’t Kelly’s fiancé… and Kelly was married… and her husband was the one who contacted us to surprise her AND he wasn't there. Basically, I was completely confused. One thing I am clear on: one of Kelly’s co-workers told me, “Your husband seems like he must be an incredible man,” to which Jay answered, “Yes, incredibly tolerant.” OK… Thanks everybody.


We got called into Diana’s workplace for REVENGE.

Diana and her co-workers are jealous that the owners are in Florida so we came in to pep their spirits. These ladies were a lot of fun. :)

I’m pretty sure they were in great spirits either way.




When we arrived at Amanda’s workplace, SHE WASN’T THERE.

We found out (not kidding here) that she had gone home to feed her cat. We sat down in the front lobby and read magazines until she arrived. It was HILARIOUS! Amanda showed up a few minutes later. Amanda and the ladies she works with were great.



When we got to Robin’s workplace, no one was at the front desk. I shoved the roses through an open glass receiving window and started yelling “Robin… oh Robin!” in a really creepy voice. We heard Robin yell before we saw her... fortunately, the roses made her happy more than my voice sreeped her out. She was super excited to see us! Robin was really nice and energetic! We loved her spirit!

Thanks to our amazing friends at Kroger for all the beautiful roses, delicious cupcakes, and gift cards!  They were well recieved by our ladies all around the Greater Metro Detroit area. :)

Thanks again to everyone who sent us amazing letters.  We appreciate that you listen to the show and we're glad to have you with us.  Lots of love, ladies!