Meet Zachary!

Zachary is a fun-loving, energetic, and free spirited kid.  He’s a typical kid that enjoys sports, music, iPads, and dancing. 
Zachary is home-schooled and is currently learning to read and write.  He is also learning to swim with the home-schooled swim program at the Jack Butzel Center in Detroit.
He doesn’t let his Down Syndrome affect his love of life.
Zachary has played Miracle League baseball for the past 5 years and participated in the Miracle League Bowling.  He is a team player that brings excitement to the game with his ability to work the crowd.  He also had an amazing time this summer when he participated in the football camp at Novi High School and Top Soccer at Clawson High School. 
Zachary's love for dance can be displayed when he is listening to one of his favorite genres; Reggae.  He fell in love with reggae at a very young age and has been showing off his moves ever since. 
Zachary  is the youngest of four siblings.  We like to think of him as our blessed surprise from God, because God knew our family had special needs, so He sent us Zachary .