Ariana Grande is under fire after claiming in a recent Instagram post that she's the hardest working person in the world. The post in question features a photo of Grande posing on a street and is captioned, "When you're cute but you're also the hardest working 23-year-old human being on earth #Cute #ButAlso #CEO #Unf**witable #HaventSleptinYears." Understandably, droves of people blasted the pop star for her arrogance and self-proclaimed work ethic. "Is this a joke? I would say a brain surgeon works harder, a soldier, a scientist... just lost all respect for her (not that I had much anyway)," one wrote. Another commented, "Sweetheart I love your voice, but I already had three jobs at 23. Two was to get by while the other was my career. I didn't sleep for years! On top of school!" Other critics dug up Grande's previous social media posts which show her napping and mocked her for claiming she hadn't slept in years.