Pattengill Elementary - Berkley

Congrats, Mrs. Daniels! You're Jay Towers in the Morning's Teacher of the Week!

Scott F. wrote:

Mrs. Daniels is a passionate  and dedicated teacher who goes above and beyond to make sure her students feel safe and loved in her classroom.  She continually looks for opportunities to grow as a teacher and learner so she can be the best she can be for her students. She participates on building and district committees and is as much as a contributor as she is a producer.  She is always up for making Pattengill Elementary a better place, and is a terrific role model for our kids.  

We stopped by with Dunkin' Donuts treats and coffee for the teachers lounge! Thanks to Woods Trophies in St. Claire Shores for the sweet plaque and Michigan's 529 College Savings Program for the gift card!