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He Drove Away and Forgot His New Bride!

He Drove Away and Forgot His New Bride!
Posted October 14th, 2013 @ 10:53am

Oops - He Accidentally Left His Bride at the Gas Station on Their Honeymoon!

A German man drove almost two hours and 125 miles before he realized that he had left his new bride behind at a gas station. Whoops!

Eileen (the bride), got out of their vehicle to use the bathroom while her husband pumped gas. He didn't realize that she had left the car - he thought she was sleeping in the back.

The couple was reunited with help from the police because Eileen didn't have money or a cellphone on her. Gee, I wonder how the conversation flowed once they were back on the road together (tee hee)

photo credit: Shutterstock

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