McDonalds Hacks

photo credit:  Getty Images

Former McDonald's workers have revealed the best hacks to use at the fast food chain to help you get your hands on freshly cooked food and secret menu items, as well as saving money!

Requesting a burger without one ingredient means staff will have to make it freshly, rather than handing you one that's been sitting under the heat lamp, while the same trick works if you ask for unsalted fries.   

Requesting a receipt will make employees think you're a secret shopper, so they'll serve you the freshest food - and quickly too.    

And you can save money by ordering a cheap coffee and asking for a free refill of a more expensive hot drink.    

Ordering the Happy Meal even if you're an adult.    

Ordering a McDouble with Mac Sauce and lettuce to turn it into a Big Mac. 

Source:  Sharp Media

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