Why People Like Red And Pink Candies The Most

photo credit:  Getty Images

Even when we don’t know exactly what flavor it is, red and pink candies seem to be everyone’s favorite. It could be cherry, strawberry, or even watermelon, but most people will grab for a shade of red over any other color. That’s why Starburst got smart and released their all-pink packs.

But why do we favor shades of red? Marketing experts and psychologists say it’s because:

Red-colored fruit is less acidic than others, like citrus.

Science says our brains perceive red to be 10% sweeter than other color candies, even when it’s got the same amount of sugar.

So why do they even make candies in other colors and flavors, if red is everyone’s top choice? It turns out, we get bored if we don’t have options to choose from. Variety is the spice of life and all.

Source:  Huffington Post

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