Expiration Dates You Should Be Aware Of

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Ever been going through your pantry and looking at items, wondering when on Earth something like dried pasta, honey or marshmallows expire?

Well, thanks to TIME - we now know the answers!

TIME lists 77 household items and their expiration date, but here are some of the highlights:

Dried Pasta: 12 months. So you can keep it stored in your pantry for a full year before it's time to toss it!Unopened 

Beer: 4 months - which is a lot shorter than I thought it was...

Frozen Dinners: 12 to 18 months. Which is amazing because honestly who always has time to cook? 

Honey: indefinite shelf life! Store it on up!

Ketchup: unopened ketchup is good for one year, afterwards the color and taste might be affected but it is still OK to eat in terms of safety... Opened ketchup is good for about 4-6 months, but after that time is still SAFE to consume even if the color or taste is affected.

Olive Oil: 2 years after the manufacture date.

Bottled salad dressing: this one is amazing because you can actually keep unopened dressing for an entire year after the 'best by' date. For opened dressing, it will last 9 months in the fridge.

Tabasco: amazingly, this can last up to 5 years if stored in a cool, dry place. 

Dish detergent: 1 year

Non-rechargeable fire extinguisher: 12 years!

Metal polish: at least 3 years

There are SO many more products that are amazing to have expiration dates for, so if you're questioning something, check out the FULL LIST HERE

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