Brilliant, Simple Lifestyle Hacks For Ladies

When one Redditor asked, “Ladies of Reddit, what’s your lady lifehack?” users didn’t disappoint with their answers. Here are their solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.

When you’re washing your face over the sink, one Reddit user suggests using sweatbands on your wrists to keep the water from dripping down your arms, onto the counter and floor.

For shaving your legs when you don’t have time to shower, one woman suggests baby wipes. She says you just swipe, shave, and repeat. Easy enough.

Another Redditor advises skipping shaving cream and shaving your legs with baby oil for silky, smooth skin.

And when it comes to washing hair that’s both dry and oily, one woman suggests shampooing only your scalp and conditioning only the ends of your hair. She says, “It prevents scalp build up, keeps your hair cleaner for days, and still keeps your ends healthy.

”When it comes to curling lashes, one user advises blow drying your lash curler first to get it warm, so it’ll make your lashes stay curled all day.

And when buying shoes, a Redditor says buying a half size larger is the way to go. Not to big that you’re walking out of them, but the extra room can keep them comfy when your feet swell later on.

Need to turn a normal bra into a racerback? One user says all you need is a paperclip.Another suggests keeping a pair of tweezers in the car because you can spot those random stray chin hairs better in natural light.

And the ultimate hiding place for anything you don’t want your husband or kids to find, according to one Redditor is an empty feminine hygiene box. She says they’ll never look in there.

Source: Mamamia