TEACHER OF THE WEEK - Mrs. Linderman

Dolsen Elementary - South Lyon

Congrats, Mrs. Linderman! You're Jay Towers in the Morning's Teacher of the Week!

Karen C. wrote:

My son's fourth grader teacher is terrific!  She is new to the building, but is already his favorite teacher of all time.  He listed her as his hero on a class project at church because "She helps us if we don't know something" and "She helps us out if we are having a bad day" and "She helps us if we don't know where to go."  She has a very positive vibe and has high expectations for her students. She is engaging and has energized my son's love of reading and learning.  He's always bringing home Mrs. Linderman stories.  In his eyes, she is super cool and fun and a great grown up to be around.  

We stopped by with Dunkin' Donuts treats and coffee for the teachers lounge! Thanks to Woods Trophies in St. Claire Shores for the amazing plaque and MI 529 for the $50 gift card!


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