Join Theresa at BJ's Wholesale

Two new BJ's Wholesale Clubs are coming to Taylor and Madison Heights. I know what you're probably thinking, "We don't need another wholesale club." But let me tell you something about BJ's Wholesale Club...

You can combine manufacturer coupons on top of in-club coupons, on top of up to 25% off grocery store prices.

If you don't love spending all your money on gas, BJ's Wholesale ClubMembers pay as little as 2 cents a gallon when they participate in the BJ's Gas Savings Program.

And BJ's Wholesale Club has the largest selection of quality fresh food. That's aisles and aisles of fruits and veggies. And those aisles are up to 25% off of grocery store prices.

Join the Club before August 31st, and get a $35 BJ's gift card and over $75 in valuable coupons.

Sign up today at or visit the Membership Centers in Madison Heights at 29329 John R Rd in Taylor at 21838 Eureka Rd. Both centers are opened:

  • Mon. – Fri.: 9AM – 7PM
  • Sat.: 9AM – 5PM
  • Sun.: 10AM – 5PM​

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