Brewster Elementary in Rochester Hills

Congrats, Mr. Golden! You're Jay Towers in the Morning's Teacher of the Week!

Jamie H. wrote:

Mr. Golden has an excitement and an energy that is contagious. At meet the teacher night the general mumbling of the parents was “can I go back to fifth grade this looks so fun!”. You can’t help but get sucked into his swarm

Of energy and excitement no matter what subject he is teaching, my son comes home from school so happy and enthusiastic everyday. When I ask him what is it that makes you have these positive feelings, his response said it all “when Mr. Golden teaches you know that you are going on adventure and you just don’t want to miss out.”

Thank you Mr. Golden for creating such an authentic bond with our children!

We stopped by with Dunkin' treats and coffee for the teachers lounge! Thanks to Woods Trophies in St. Claire Shores for the amazing plaque and a $50 Kroger gift card.

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