Meet Sophia!

This is Sophia! She has been a literal and physical miracle since birth!

She is a diva and as sassy as you can get! Sophia loves her music! She has a wide variety and is always into the next best thing. She loves her arts and crafts, and her construction work. Currently trying to build her new clubhouse.

Sophia acts as a mother hen to her 2-year-old brother and her twin sister (although she is only 1 minute older!!) Sophia loves gymnastics and eventually wants to participate in a martial arts class; she dreams of being a ninja.

When she grows up, she wants to be a mom, a teacher and a spy ninja. She has a heart purer and larger than anyone I've ever known. She is one in a million. She embraces what defines her, and it sure isn't her Cerebral Palsy.💜

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