Quaran20 Challenge

Katie - WINNER!

Starting Weight: 201

Current Weight: 183

Total Weight loss: 18 lbs

Total percentage of body weight lost: 8.96%


I need Ideal You's help in achieving my long term goals of loosing weight and feeling healthier. I have wanted to try this program for awhile, however financially at this time of uncertainty in our nation, I have not been able to do so. I was so excited to enter this contest for the opportunity to begin Ideal You! I believe I would be an excellent candidate for this program, because I am motivated to accomplishing my goals and to see the amazing outcome of the Ideal you program! Thank you for your consideration.


1) Why did you want to try this program? I wanted to lose wait before going to move my daughter into college and meeting her new roommates. I have heard about people’s success from the radio for years. I have always wanted to try this program, but it is costly. I am very excited to have been selected as a contestant!

2) What are you finding easy / what are you finding hard?

Easy: I like water, so it is easy to drink the 95-100 of ounces needed every day.

Hard: Apple Cider Vinegar. It is very difficult to drink the 4 TBSP that is needed every day. I do it, but it is yucky!!

3) What is your goal weight / clothing size? My goal is to be health! My ideal weight is 150lbs for my age and height. I think that might be a 10/12? It has been awhile since I was 150lbs 😊

4) Is there a specific piece of clothing you would like to fit back into? I have a dress that I wore for my wedding engagement party. I would very much like to be able to wear it again!

5) How does your partner or kids feel about you starting the program? Both my husband and my daughter are very supportive! They both help me meal plan and pack my food.

6) What will you do with the money if you win? Travel!! Once it is safe again that it. I would like to go visit the ocean, go on a cruse 😊


Starting Weight: 182.2

Current Weight:169.6

Total Weight loss: 12.6lbs

Total percentage of Body weight lost: 6.92%


I am a registered nurse. With the pandemic, stress has been at an all time high with the uncertainty over welfare, health, and job status. I am an emotional eater and the pandemic pounds found me.

  • She wanted to try the program because she heard great things about it and wanted to trim down a little. Plus the 5k that comes with it if she wins is an added bonus
  • She find the program to be easy to follow because everything is spelled out for you. Though she isn't hungry she still craves sweets....her advice is don't watch the food network.
  • She would love to get done to a size 8 in clothes (but isn't letting herself get too caught up in the numbers even though they are decreasing)
  • Her spouse is being very supportive through this process for her
  • If she wins the 5k she is going to use some of it to buy some new clothes and the rest of the money to buy new appliances for her kitchen


Weight has always been a struggle for me. Ive tried dieting going to the gym etc. I did lose some weight before my wedding but still was no where near where i thought id be, especially since i was religiously going to the gym and watching my diet. There are some pictures i hate to look at, and dress fittings had lots of tears. Now im still trying to lose weight as my husband and i would like to start a family. Plus, all my clothes seem to be getting tighter, and its been quite discouraging. I want to be healthy and happy.

  • She wanted to try the program because she heard the results are great.
  • She is hoping to lose at least 50lbs
  • Her husband and family are very supportive. Her husband is showing his support by following the program with her eating choices
  • If she wins the contest money she will use it to go on a honeymoon!

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