Allyson has been a constant on Detroit's airwaves for over 2 decades. A popular television host, and beloved radio host, her morning show has been a favorite not only to local listeners but to an audience across the country. Allyson is an author and an original host of the nationally syndicated television show Dish Nation.

Known for her strong opinions, comedic wit and infectious laugh, Allyson entertains and inspires her fans doing what she loves most - cracking that microphone every morning to talk about it all! She prides herself on being a strong voice for women while still maintaining her signature and organic brand of "silly". Animal rescue is her greatest passion and Allyson has dedicated much of her personal and professional life to making a difference for the abandoned and abused. When not taking the media world by storm she makes time for reality TV, vacuuming, and cheese sampling. She resides in the Ann Arbor area with her boyfriend of 20 years and several furry companions.

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