Biden Administration Reaches Agreements To Tighten Borders

President Joe Biden's administration has secured agreements for Mexico, Honduras and Guatamela to tighten their borders in an effort to keep up with the recent influx of migrants coming to the border.

Special Assistant to the President for the Domestic Policy Council Tyler Moran announced the agreements during an appearance on MSNBC Monday morning, CNN reports.

"We've secured agreements for them to put more troops on their own border. Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala have all agreed to do this. That not only is going to prevent the traffickers, and the smugglers, and cartels that take advantage of the kids on their way here, but also to protect those children," Moran said.

The U.S. has recently seen an influx of migrants coming to the border, as well as a significant spike in migrant children in U.S. custody.

Moran also addressed the border situation with a two-pronged approach that focuses on processing unaccompanied minors safely into the U.S. and acknowledging reasons why individuals are migrating from other countries.

"We're addressing the reasons that people are coming from the region. This is really important. If you just focus on our border, you're not addressing why people are actually coming to our border. The President has a blueprint and he's working with the vice president on this," Moran said, citing in part investments in the region.

Photo: Getty Images