3 Up-And-Coming Michigan Rappers Vanish After Detroit Concert

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Three Michigan rappers vanished 10 days ago after a concert they were scheduled to perform at was canceled.

28-year-old Armani Kelly of Oscoda, 31-year-old Montoya Givens of Detroit, and 31-year-old Dante Wicker of Melvindale were last seen on January 21, according to the Detroit Police Department. The three men, who all knew each other, were supposed to appear at Lounge 31 in Detroit's Regent Park neighborhood, but it was canceled.

“In this case, the three individuals… what we know is that they are all associates, and they were supposed to go to a club… to perform at this club and it’s our understanding that the performance got canceled and from there we just have a whole lot of unanswered questions that we are trying to find the answers for,” Detroit Police Commander Michael McGinnis said in an interview released by his department. 

McGinnis said phone records indicate the three men stopped having activity around the evening of their disappearance. One of their mothers filed a missing person report the next day, and was able to track down an abandoned car connected to the tree men on January 23 near Watten. Police are now investigating the vehicle.

“We want to find them and get them home to their loved ones,” McGinnis said. 

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