Meet Aubrey!

Aubrey is a 4-year-old little fire cracker!  She loves to dance and sings along to Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Frozen, Little Mermaid and Moana soundtracks. Some of her favorite places include the library and the Detroit Zoo. 

She wants to be a teacher when she grows up, just like Mrs. Campbell, her preschool teacher. Her heart is BIG and she loves animals, especially her dog Peyton.

Aubrey is diagnosed with a rare condition called VACTERLS Association. She has had 12 surgeries, with the next one coming up December 21st. She will continue to have surgeries for her VEPTR devices at least every 6 months until she is fully grown, while also battling the many other challenges associated with this condition. Her relentless bravery is an inspiration to everyone she meets. 

We can't wait to take Aubrey and her family to Disney World!

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