Meet Dakarai!

Meet Dakarai! He's 14-years-old and is a freshman in high school. 

His favorite subjects are science and math and he loves playing sports!

Two years ago, his passion for sports came to a end when he got very sick with a rare disease that was eating at his skin called Necrotizing Fasciitis.

He's living life differently and learning how to adjust to being a double amputee, but he's playing sports again and learning how to play wheelchair basketball! 

Dakarai said God gave him a second chance to live and that’s what he's doing!

His entire family is going to Disney World with Jay's Juniors!

Jay's Juniors

Jay's Juniors

Jay's Juniors is a program that gives terminally ill or handicapped children the chance to head to escape the hospital and doctors appointments and go to Disney World Read more


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