Meet Danny!

This is Danny and he is 6 years old!

He has a rare condition called Femoral Hypoplasia Unusual Facies Syndrome. This means shortened or absent femurs (thigh bones) and facial abnormalities. He has had many surgeries including a tracheostomy, cleft palate repair, jaw distraction, trach revision, Boyd amputation and many other procedures.

No matter what he goes through he is always one, happy boy! He started Kindergarten at the end of August and absolutely loves it! He is a huge Batman fan, likes to play video games, color and drive his bros crazy! He is funny, creative and puts a smile on everyone's face when they see him!

Jay's Juniors

Jay's Juniors

Jay's Juniors is a program that gives terminally ill or handicapped children the chance to head to escape the hospital and doctors appointments and go to Disney World Read more


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