Meet Jameson!

This is Jameson! He's 10-years-old, in 4th grade and lives with his mom, 14-year-old sister, pug puppy Snickers, cat DJ and his 4-year-old goldfish Bubbles.

He loves playing with his friends in the neighborhood riding bikes, playing video games, playing non-tackle football and hanging out. He is an avid fortnite and Roblox player, who has a dream to play fortnite with some of his favorite YouTube starts like Fudgy, Ninja or Mr. Meola.

He loves swimming and going tubing, but that has been extremely limited since 2015. He is also on his 2nd year of a bowling league, which is a sport he found he loves, is non-contact and fun while going through years of treatment.

Jameson has battled a rare and high-risk form of leukemia since the age of 5 and currently is in remission after his 2nd bone marrow transplant in May, 2019. We are praying he stays in remission and that this Disney trip is a first of many healthy and normal trips.

Jay's Juniors

Jay's Juniors

Jay's Juniors is a program that gives terminally ill or handicapped children the chance to head to escape the hospital and doctors appointments and go to Disney World Read more


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