Feel Happier in 15 Minutes

photo credit: Getty Images

We all have it in us to be happy. Some people think happiness is something you can choose. I agree with that to an extent. When you wake up in the morning you can decide if you want to be in a good or bad mood depending on, of course, what circumstances you're facing that day.

A psychotherapist has revealed his tricks you need to banish  negative feelings fast. In his book, 15 Minutes to Happiness, he  explains that we can learn to be happier through a process of daily  exercises. For starters and not unlike some many others have  recommended, write in a diary. 

Journal--Writing about something that made us unhappy in a day gives us perspective.   

Learn ‘Thought Stopping’—When  we begin to have a negative thought we need to, in our head, shout very  loudly STOP! Then replace that negative thought with the exact  opposite. So if we were thinking about how bad it would feel to fail at  something we need to switch to how great it would feel when we succeed  at it.

Mindful Meditation—This really comes down  to being aware of our current state that is not under threat. Relax and  breathe in it for a few minutes. Regular practice of this makes it  something that we’ll eventually be able to move in and out of throughout  the day.

Put yourself first—We can’t do it all  the time, true. But never putting yourself first means you aren’t  valuing yourself. The world won’t stop turning if you allow yourself to  say “no” to some of the requests of your time.