Old Wives Tales

Probiogen examined the little ailments people face and the old wives' tales we believe. For instance, 42 percent of us currently think cracking our knuckles will result in arthritis. Not true. The sound from the cracking is your synovial fluid bubbles in your joints just popping, which can cause some swelling, but likely does not lead to arthritis or long-term damage.

Meanwhile, 42 percent of us don’t think eating carrots will improve eyesight – however, we should! The main vitamin in carrots is Vitamin A and that is critical in the eye’s ability to translate light into something that it can understand.

Old wives’ tales we still believe:

  • 45 percent believe sleeping with wet hair will result in a cold
  • 41 percent believe eating chocolate causes acne
  • 45 percent believe spices clear sinuses
  • 48 percent believe eggs raise cholesterol
  • 39 percent think coffee will stunt growth
  • 55 percent think milk builds strong bones
  • 49 percent think an apple a day will keep the doctor away
  • 47 percent think orange juice can prevent a cold
  • 40 percent think eating turkey makes you tired
  • 39 percent believe it takes seven years for swallowed gum to digest
  • 47 percent think chicken noodle soup clears colds
  • 44 percent believe you should feed a fever and starve a cold

photo credit: Getty Images

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